Fit for the job

The requirements for professional performance at the Austrian Armed Forces are increasing by the minute or are constantly subject to new security and technical challenges. Therefore, it is very important that our graduates are "FIT FOR THE JOB".

In order to prepare our professional and vocational staff even better for the career entry, the curricula are continuously optimized with the involvement of the interest groups and adapted to current developments as well as the latest national and international challenges.

The focus is on reducing the "input orientation" and increasing the "output orientation". This is why the training at the Institute for Officer Training takes place in training modules, whereby individual courses are combined into coordinated modules. Currently, the Institute for Officer Training offers 14 modules, which are held in English. Regularly, students from all over Europe are participating in this program.
In addition, an international winter semester is currently offered, in which the entire training is exclusively in English.

Areas of Expertise

In the fourth semester you can choose from the following areas:

  • Political Science,
  • Economics / Business Management,
  • Economics / Computer Science or
  • Educational Sciences

The area of education science is carried out at the Bachelor Programme Military Leadership in Wiener Neustadt. The other areas are currently being offered to partner institutions within the framework of an international semester.


There is the possibility to choose a specialization area in the 4th semester at one of our worldwide partner institutions, for example in Poland or the Czech Republic. The participation and participation of lecturers and students of foreign armed forces at numerous teaching events of the FH-Bachelor Programme Military Leadership contribute to the development of the intercultural competence of our professional officers.

In addition, foreign semesters are offered in the USA, France and Germany. The internship of the students is possible for the armed forces of 20 European countries. Currently at least one-third of the courses are held in English.

Career Officer Course

Within the framework of the training, the qualifications in the chosen branch are taught to the candidates of the Career Officer Course, which prepare them to carry out management tasks in challenging national and international scenarios.

The Career Officer Course is carried out outside the semester at FH-Bachelor Programme Military Leadership. The focus is on imparting the necessary knowledge and specific skills to lead a unit, which can include up to 50 soldiers. Building on the previously acquired competences, specialization takes place in the selectable weapons branch.

The employability of the officers is rounded off by the acquisition of the driver's license for the use of military vehicles according to their first posting.