Profile of education

The Institute for Officer Training offers a three-year training as an officer in a selectable branch for the future leaders of the Austrian Armed Forces. The development of military specialist, methodological and operational competences, combined with high personality, communication and organizational competences, prepare our graduates as best as possible for management tasks in challenging national and international deployment scenarios.

The goal of officer training

In the course of three years, the necessary leadership competencies of our professional officers are developed using the Theresan Leadership Model.

The Theresan Leadership Model guarantees the successful military management of our graduates through the targeted promotion of mental and physical strength as well as intercultural competence.

Military leadership is achieved with a high degree of practical relevance and practice, taking into account scientific disciplines such as law, political science and economics as well as philosophy, sociology, pedagogy and psychology.

The target group

The officers' training is specifically aimed at:

  • Graduates of all types of schools, who want to see their future in a military leadership position and open the doors to wide career opportunities in various military occupational fields at the Austrian Armed Forces.

  • Mentally and physically resilient, intercultural interested women and men who, as executives, work out goals and targets, take measures to achieve them, examine the results, and also assume responsibility for costs, results and management even under challenging conditions in an international environment.

  • Committed, flexible, challenging, men and women who can identify themselves with an officer's comprehensive challenges and who also meet the following criteria:

    - Provide the necessary medical, psychological and physical requirements

  - Possession of Austrian citizenship

  - Commencement of training in the year of completion of the 37th year of age

  - Proof of the GCEA-levels, university entrance qualification or the appropriate study authorization examination.

The practical reference

The practical relevance is ensured by close cooperation with Austrian and foreign departments of the Austrian Armed Forces, national and European high and technical colleges as well as lecturers with experience from current assignments. This ensures that we act at the heart of the needs of the consumer and that our professional career applicants are optimally prepared to carry out management tasks.

The study is offered exclusively as a fulltime study. It concludes with a Bachelor diploma and entitles to a further Master's degree at a University of applied Sciences. Up to 60 study places can be awarded each year. The number of supported study places, which are made available to the professional officers of the Austrian Federal Armed Forces, is determined annually by the Ministry of Defence of Austria.