Usage rules in the library

The provisions set out in the library regulations are designed to ensure a proper and smooth search and borrowing process and regulate opening hours as well as behavioural and safety regulations.

The library staff will gladly answer your questions and support you in your research.



Borrowing from 0800 - 1500 clock Monday - Thursday and Friday from 0800 - 1100 clock

Opening times

The library is open from 07:30 to 15:30 from Monday to Thursday, and from 0730 to 1430 on Friday. The library is closed in the 1st and 52nd calendar week. In July and August is only a limited library operation.

During the opening hours, the independent literature search and reading and working in the library are possible. Separate opening times (e.g. for teaching events or castle tours) must be requested in due time by the requisite staff at the Director of Documentation & Library.

Borrowing process

For borrowing literature, a borrowing authorization card (card with barcode and reader number) is required, which the authorized users in the library receive. The borrowing period is generally 4 weeks and a maximum of 10 works can be borrowed at the same time. Required literature is normally available from the next working day and to be collected within one week.
If there is no reservation (reservation), the loan period can be extended by another four weeks.

Order and security

It is not permitted to enter the library with combat boots or a sports suit.
In the library, smoking, eating, drinking and telephone calls are not permitted.
All books and other information sources must be provided to the responsible personnel with a view to securing the library holdings when leaving the library.
For control purposes, this is also authorized to open bags and other containers suitable for carrying bibliographic material.

External users

Non-members of the university, in particular from the university, grant special permission to use the library.


  •  Login with user ID (11-digit number and password)
  •  If you log in for the first time, the password is: 1234
  •  Under "Account user data" the password has to be changed
  •  Simple or Advanced search:
  •  Select the current branch
  •  TherMilAk or ÖMB
  •  Confirm the order
  •  Unsubscribe

The ordered literature can be collected in the library the following day. In case of non-pick-up within the next 7 days the order will be deleted. In the case of orders from the ÖMB, the books are sent by post to the borrower.
Handbook for online ordering

Central documentation

The Central Documentation and Information (ZentDok & Info) of the Nationa lDefense Academy (LVAk) is the military specialist information centre for the Austrian Armed Forces (ÖBH). Its task is to select and document relevant security policy and defense technology from its own databases and third-party databases, the Internet, newspapers, magazines and other printing units, and to make it available to the consumer.

An own specialized thesaurus has been developed in order to enable a terminological, as exact as possible content and targeted search for documents. The demand-bearers are the soldiers of the ÖBH's presence and militia, as well as civil servants of the Federal Ministry of Defense and Sports (BMLVS). A data retrieval documentation (DADOK) can be submitted by any or all of the above-mentioned requirements or requirements to the responsible administrator of TherMilAk, Mjr Mag. (FH) Michael Moser, and Head of the Documentation & Library Unit. The administrator then carries out the actual query at the ZentDok & Info and then provides the collected information from the requester.

The use of the ZentDok services is only available to students, teachers and staff. You must be logged in to complete the online query form.

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